Katey and her mare Chloe:

"I have an older mare who sometimes gets knots and sore on her hind and back. I have had Michelle massage my horse multiple times. Following each session, my horse is relaxed, supple, and a dream to ride! Michelle is thorough prior to and following each session, and does everything she can to get to know your horse before working her magic. I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for an equine massage therapist for their horse!"


Lindsey Canesi and her mare Sophie:

"Michelle has done a wonderful job keeping my sport horses feeling good! I have young, sensitive mares who carry a heavy work load. Michelle keeps them loose, and feeling their best! My horses adore her, as do my clients and boarders! I highly recommend her services! -Lindsey Canesi, Sunflower Meadows Equestrian "


Heaven Salfity and her mare Prada:

"Michelle has kept my mare, Prada, feeling great. Prada competes heavily in the hunter ring, working 6 days a week. Michelle has always been there to work out the kinks and keep her enjoying at her best! We really appreciate Michelle's expertise and dedication to her work."